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Journey to Deep Freedom;
Toward Abundance in All Things


Anthony J. McGettigan

Author's 2008 Foreword

I began writing Journey to Deep Freedom in the Autumn of 1993. My original title for the manuscript was Deep Freedom: The End of the Slavery of the Soul. The writing was inspired by a series of profoundly transforming personal experiences which began in 1979. The first draft was complete early in 1994. After some initial reviews, I re-wrote the manuscript and published the first version of the book in April 1995.

My initial transformative, or mystical, experiences happened while I was attending college. In those days—despite all of my academic efforts—I didn't consider myself a writer of any sort, and never for one moment did I consider publishing anything related to these experiences. When they started, I felt very unsettled with the experiences. Fortunately, being naturally introspective, my inner exploration helped me discover writing as a tool for catharsis and insight. Writing in a personal journal about the experiences helped immensely to clarify and deepen my awareness of what was happening in my life.

During the 14 year period of learning and healing leading up to my initial manuscript, I became increasingly aware that freedom and abundance are inherent within our very being. The experiences I describe in my writing are those of profound blessings. In all honesty, I do not consider myself extraordinary for having been touched by them. Rather, I recognize that such experiences are the natural birthright of every human being. I do not mean to say that anyone should place any belief in my story. I do mean to say that each being has his or her own blessings of freedom and abundance waiting to bloom. My experience has revealed that this journey is nothing less than a miracle—a miracle that lives in each one of us and in every place we tread.

Now more than 14 years after first attempting to express the blessing of these experiences, I feel it is appropriate to share the original published version of the book in a new form. If you are reading these pages, perhaps it is your own joy and thriving that are ready to bloom. That is something that can be known only by making the voyage of discovery. If you are ready, begin it now.

Blessings for your journey, Dear Friend. Blessings and love.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Roots of Our Restriction

Chapter 2: Dancing to the Many Songs

Chapter 3: Circumnavigating a Flat World

Chapter 4: A Trail to the Heart

Chapter 5: A Painting on Creation’s Canvas

Chapter 6: The Vision of an Eagle

Chapter 7: The Rainbow Reveals a Light of Many Colors




This book is about freedom. However, it is about a kind of freedom which goes beyond the ordinary human experience of liberty. This ‘Deep Freedom’ comes as the natural result of living and acting from a sense of what has greatest meaning and importance in the depths of one’s own being. The awareness necessary for such action may be found through a conscious exploration of one’s own ideas about, and experiences of, living. This book is a vehicle for such an exploration—it takes the reader on a journey through the aspects of human consciousness which restrict, and release, the most profound potentials in us all.

In part, this book is based upon my experience in assisting people with their own individual voyages toward greater freedom. For more than 10 years my work has involved counseling people in a wide variety of areas. It is a career that I have found to be very fulfilling. The part of my job that I most enjoy is being a helper to people in the process of developing their self-awareness. Such self-discovery involves locating the internal resources that may be used to create greater personal happiness and wholeness. You could say that my work is being a facilitator for people involved with their own ‘self-emancipation’.

From my work, I find one of the most effective ways for a person to move beyond something that is restricting to one’s life is for the individual to make a simple shift in his or her view of the issue in question. Sometimes a gentle shift of perspective is all that is needed to make a great discovery. Considering a different view of things can often allow a person to see potential benefits that never appeared before. The resulting shift can often create the needed energy and vision to move the person ahead significantly with his or her growth process.

Considering a different view of things is the idea for which this book is written. Looking at anything from a new perspective involves a process of exploration; exploration of both how a thing is presently known, and then, the potentially different ways it may be viewed. This book contrasts images and concepts of different perspectives relating to personal freedom—not just for explanation, but to enhance the reader’s awareness of the distinction between where we have been and where we can go.

Of course, the exploration of new perspectives on life is not limited to the universe of ideas alone. The journey is not fully made unless it involves all aspects of awareness and experience—including instincts, emotions, sensations, relationships, social dynamics, and spiritual consciousness. Every individual’s journey will touch upon all categories of experience in ways that are unique for each person. The full spectrum of human feelings are possible as appropriate reactions to what one will encounter on this voyage. Some experiences will be pleasant, some not; some ecstatic, some dreadful. Ultimately, however, all experiences can be known as valuable for what they teach a person. So valuable, in fact, that one may eventually understand what it is to hold them all in the highest regard, and yet, be attached to none.

This book is also based upon my experience with my own journey towards greater wholeness and freedom. Approximately 15 years ago, I began to experience larger aspects of my consciousness, parts of me which had a greater wisdom and a big-picture view of the circumstances of my life. Gradually, I learned to appreciate and utilize these parts of my ‘Larger Self’ for my growth, and for insights useful in my work with others. It was guidance from those larger aspects of myself which caused me to write this book. Many of the insights I share have my own ‘Larger Self’ as their source. My experience has shown me, beyond any doubt, that such resources are naturally available to every human, even though many of us have not learned, yet, how to be aware of such things, or to intentionally access them.

This book includes detailed discussions of the most simple and effective practices which I have found useful in developing self-awareness skills. Exercises are included to that end. Practicing the suggested exercises will assist the reader not only with the exploration and understanding of the material in this book, but also with his or her own continuing personal journey.

The chapters of the book are laid out such that each relates to a different aspect of human consciousness. Students of subtle energy healing practices will recognize how each chapter relates to elements of the different chakras. There are seven major chakras, or energy centers, in the human body; there are also seven chapters in this book. The journey to Deep Freedom is a voyage through these different regions. Sometimes this journey will confront an explorer with arduous challenges, especially in the early stages. Working through elements of the first three centers of consciousness often presents the greatest difficulty. The first three chapters of this book relate to those first centers, and their challenges. Each chakra center represents its own unique universe of possible experiences, so I have necessarily limited the information in all the chapters to focus upon issues which are particularly relevant to our present time.

This book, however, does not require any special training as a prerequisite. The only requirement is that the reader keep an open mind and pay attention to his or her experience. Every sensation and feeling contains important information. These are messages from one’s own ‘Larger Self’. Such messages are always available to enlighten a person about his or her process of growth. They are the sign posts and mile markers of the individual’s very own journey to Deep Freedom.

The intention of this book is not to present any dogmatic definitions for the experience of personal freedom and happiness—rather, it is offered only as a guide for those explorers who may find it useful. The path to personal fulfillment is unique for every individual, and it is only through the depths of one’s own exploration that the ultimate definition of happiness will be truly known.

My prayer is that this book may be used only in the service of wholeness and love. May all beings who come in contact with this material allow their own internal sense of truth to guide them in the application of the information they encounter. May each recognize that all experiences are gifts from him to himself, or from her to herself—and that one’s aware participation in those experiences is a gift in turn to All That Is.

Blessings for your journey, Dear Friend.

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