"a marvelous inner journey"

- Hans King, internationally acclaimed psychic

A Voyage in Consciousness is an adventure in self-exploration. The book uses simple language to facilitate exploration of one's own experience. The book is a result of the author's own experiential discoveries. The processes described in the book have resonance with a variety of mystical traditions (Buddhist, Sufi, Christian) without the traditional doctrines and dogmas. This artfully written volume exists to evoke the wisdom that is inherent within the reader, and within the consciousness of every living being.


"Spiritual Identity is the ultimate source of freedom ... this book helps us move closer to our true spiritual identity, and thereby, closer to true freedom."

- Dannion Brinkley, best-selling author of Saved by the Light

"A Voyage in Consciousness takes you from where you are into the depths of yourself in a masterful way. The book breathes with the wisdom and the richness of life."

- E. Alan Meece, author of Horoscope for the New Millennium

"This book is like a compass. Whatever direction you're currently facing, it will offer a new direction and lead you home again."

- Cheryl Magill, founder of the StopLFAS Worldwide Network

"In ten years of reading on the subject, your book is by far the best book of its kind that I have ever read. You helped me open to many new possibilities."

- Pam Cosmo Gooch, journalist / spiritual explorer

"A fascinating introspective journey.
AJ McGettigan rides his intrepid ship of reason through the rough storms of life to glimpse the clear light for which we all hunger. A thinking man's mystic."

- Karen Stern, musician / song-writer

A Voyage In Consciousness
Journey to Deep Freedom;
Toward Abundance in All Things

by Anthony J. McGettigan

ISBN: 155212639-0
Published by New Consciousness Rising
in cooperation with Trafford Publishing
Available through Baker & Taylor and New Leaf Distributing




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