Shamanic Astronomy Consult

"Knowledge of the sky is knowledge of the Soul"


All living creatures are energetic beings. Matter itself is essentially energy. Many forms, but all one life--one energy.


The energy of the world around us resonates with the rhythms of our heart and soul. What is the soul other than the conscious energy that surrounds and fills every bit of our life and experience?


Resonance is the pulse of the soul. Resonance exists at the moment of birth and continues throughout all of our adventures in the world. We have resonance with our mothers and fathers, with the earth and the sky, and with every living thing including the sun, moon, and stars.


These connections exist not because we as individuals are so powerful and expansive, rather because the totality of being is. Even the smallest living thing is by nature inextricable from the cosmic whole. Within each one is the natural tendency to grow and thrive toward the potentials of that immense greatness.



Astronomical patterns tell us a story, or more accurately, they sing us a song. Its tones form the melody of our being. Its verses tell of our strengths and our challenges. The refrains echo with strains of our true purpose and potentials.


Listening to the song of the spheres, one learns to hear cosmic sounds reverberating in every ordinary circumstance. This is a skill that all are capable of developing.


Through his training in astronomy and astrology and his practice with various shamanic techniques, Anthony McGettigan has developed strong abilities for sensing and interpreting the energetic patterns revealed in the charts and experiences of his clients.


Tony's interpretative work is highly intuitive and specifically suited to the needs of each client. Topics frequently addressed include:

    • - framework of your soul journey
    • - your soul purpose and related career issues
    • - your latent talents and gifts
    • - your spiritual development
    • - access to guides and helpers
    • - karmic transformation / healing
    • - relationships and partnerships
    • - past life / future life awareness
    • - your inevitable realization of ecstasy and abundance

Tony's goal when working with clients is to facilitate an experience of their own soul resonance. He also teaches techniques of shamanic astronomy in a series of classes called Experiential Cosmology.


Sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and cost $160. Phone appointments are available, and all sessions are recorded. Group sessions are also available (prices start at $250 for 3 hours). Rates are negotiable and package discounts are available. Call (408-899-6821) or click the link below to contact Tony for more information.

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The greater the peace and happiness of all humankind, the greater the radiance of the conscious cosmos.


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