"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..."


Where Are We?

We certainly are not in Kansas.

Despite our conventional beliefs to the contrary, one cannot ascertain his or her location by decoding the details of one's current street address. Pointing to details on a map, no matter how well-drawn, likewise reveals nothing about where we actually are.

The truth of where we are can only be known by engaging deeply with our own direct experience. Our concepts for ordinary navigation are little more than distractions when trying to gain our bearings while spinning and hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour.

Connecting deeply with our experience, we find ourselves living amidst an infinite web of organic relationships. The place in which we find ourselves, the place we call "here," extends without bound including everything in creation. Every peculiar place in time and space is a unique instance of "here." Awareness of "here" is our particular contribution to cosmic self-awareness. The more connected our awareness is, the more artful and lively our contribution can be.


Cosmology for Everyone

The cosmos is something with which we all have a rich, dynamic relationship. Cosmology is a subject not only for those holding a Ph.D in theoretical physics. The cosmos is a presence that includes all of us. Our lives and its life are the same. As an intellectual construct, the continuity of cosmic life may seem to be of limited empirical value--however, as an intuitive realization, this understanding reveals every interaction in our experience as something infinitely precious.

We were all born with a natural relationship to the heavens. The location and time of our birth gives us a unique orientation and relationship to everything in the cosmos. Contemplation of our cosmic peculiarity is an activity that bears boundless insights and blessings.


Classes in Experiential Cosmology

Instruction in the practices of experiential cosmology is available to individuals and groups. All classes include both theory and practical application. Many of the practices are conducted outdoors under the night sky. As a result, classes usually run into the late evening.

Those interested in individual or group sessions are encouraged to obtain and listen to the related introductory audio tape (The Basics of Experiential Cosmology) before attending class.

Familiarity with astronomy and/or astrology is beneficial, but not a prerequisite for these classes:


Lunar / Solar Orientation (4 hours)

Participants learn about the dynamics of the lunar cycle. Topics include: introduction to the ephemeris, basics of orbital motion, introduction to the zodiacal archetypes. Participants will learn simple practices for contemplating the Earth - Moon - Sun relationship.


Star - System Orientation (weekend seminar)

Participants learn about the dynamics of solar-system relationships. Topics include: introduction to depth-of-sky awareness, planetary archetypes and visual identification, retrograde motion, conjunctions and other transits. Participants will learn practices for engaging with the Sun, Moon, and planets individually and in combinations.


Orientation to the Galactic Presence (weekend seminar)

Participants learn about our relationship with the largest living thing we can directly observe--our galaxy. Topics include: introduction to whole-sky contemplation, precession of the equinoxes, galactic dimensions and orientation. Participants will explore various methods of engaging the galactic presence.


Astrology Services

Anthony J. McGettigan, a skilled intuitive astrologer with more than 25 years of training and practice, offers unique interpretive readings for individuals and groups.


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