A Full Moon of Surprising Potential
February 16, 2003

by Anthony J. McGettigan

Location for chart: San Jose, California



A Moon Full with Surprise

At the time of the February 16, 2003 full moon (3:51 p.m. PST), an array of interesting celestial aspects will be happening simultaneously. On this day, the Sun conjuncts Uranus, Jupiter will exactly oppose Neptune, Mars exactly conjuncts Pluto, and Venus conjuncts Chiron.

The full moon will be opposing both the Sun and Uranus (within one degree). Intuition, brilliant insights, freedom, equality, and brother/sisterhood will be available in abundance. Innovations in self-expression are favored and so are high-energy interactions with friends and community. It's a good day for sharing your genius, and for encouraging others to do the same.

The graphic above depicts the four bodies which will be exactly lined up during this full moon. (Note: Sizes and distances are not to scale.)


Jupiter and Neptune

This day marks the second of three moments when Jupiter and Neptune will be exactly opposite to one another in their current cycle. The first opposition was exact on September 11, 2002 (first anniversary of WTC attack). Jupiter in Leo brings the fullness of expressed joy and benevolence. Neptune brings consciousness of our shared depths and experiences.

In 1989, during the previous Jupiter-Neptune cycle (Neptune was in Capricorn), the opposition correlated with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. This time, with Neptune in Aquarius, our opportunity exists in finding what we all have most deeply in common--to dissolve walls of ideology. Jupiter in Leo potentially shines with the brightness of our discovery.

This is also a strong day for remembering and blessing the Columbia astronauts and their families (see Celestial Alignments and Columbia Tragedy). The final Jupiter-Neptune opposition in this current 13 year cycle will happen on June 2 (the day Saturn enters Cancer).


Mars and Pluto

Mars and Pluto are working in a supportive fashion with the events related to this full moon. Together they bring great power for actions leading us toward the fulfillment of our greatest aspirations.

We should choose carefully our actions. Conditions favor those who are mindful of their own true motives. Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius is also an opportunity for the regeneration of direction and purpose.


Venus and Chiron

Venus and Chiron are also conjunct (within one degree). At approximately 15 degrees of Capricorn this pair is roughly opposing the midpoint of Saturn and Jupiter. These two are awakening us to those places in experience where we have been distracted from truth and beauty. They call us to be aware of how we are presently using our most precious resources--asking us what else may be important.


Anthony J. McGettigan is a consciousness researcher, shamanic astronomer, author of A Voyage in Consciousness, Ecstasy of the Everyday Experience, Experiential Cosmology, and he is the producer/host of the Vibrational Voyage radio program.


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