Update for November 30th
Full Moon Conjunct Saturn

by Anthony McGettigan

The Astronomical Event

The Full Moon closely conjuncted Saturn on November 30th. The Full Moon in Gemini happened at 12:49 p.m. (PST) at roughly 8.75 degrees (Gemini). At the time, Saturn was roughly positioned at 11.75 degrees Gemini. The Moon's close conjunction with Saturn occurred exactly at 6:08 p.m. (PST).


Meaning Associated with this Event

Interestingly, this event is resonant with September 10th -- the Moon conjuncted Saturn about 24 hours before the initial attack on the World Trade Center. The difference with the Nov 30th event is that the Moon was full.

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is strongest in its relationship with the Sun (Moon opposed to Sun). This often exacerbates conflicts between conscious will and unconscious feelings, and is often a time of heightened emotional, psychic, and spiritual energies. It's the time of the brightest illumination of the Moon -- and therefore, the greatest light shining in the midst of our darkness.

The Full Moon conjunct Saturn potentially brings illumination to the roots of our inner and outer structures. There is an opportunity to see clearly our karma and our path. There is the opportunity for the healing of pain which has been unconsciously frozen in place. There is also the potential for feelings of depression, however, if the attention is directed at the depths of such feelings, opportunities for healing are likely to be recognized.


A Powerful Synchronicity

Sadly, George Harrison died on the afternoon of November 29th. The news of his death, however, did not reach the general public until the morning of December 30th. I personally learned of his passing only about 90 minutes before the exact time of the full Moon.

George Harrison had been critically ill for several weeks before his passing. His death struck a chord with many millions of people all around the world. Thoughts of his life bring us into resonance with our collective experiences of the 1960s. His passing also brings us resonance with the death of George's friend, John Lennon, which occurred almost exactly 21 years earlier (Dec 8, 1980).

In a 1997 interview, George stated that he felt humanity's most obviously important question is "Why does everything and everybody die; and what happens afterward." He said, "Everything else is of secondary importance." George Harrison lived his life as a blessing -- it comes as no surprise to me that his death would also be a blessing not only to himself, but also to the people of this planet to whom he gave so much through his presence and expression.

It seems that George Harrison and the universe teamed up on November 29th and 30th to provide humanity with an opportunity to reflect upon what we feel to be most important within our experience. The events of September 11th sent us farther in the direction of hatred, war, and destruction. The events of November 30th opened for us an opportunity to re-clarify our values, our intent, and our path. We would be wise to recognize the blessing.


Related Upcoming Events

The Dec 14th New Moon and Solar Eclipse will happen at 12:47 p.m. (PST) at approximately 23 degrees Sagittarius.

The Dec 30th Full Moon which will align the Moon with Jupiter and the Sun with the heart of our galaxy.


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