Solar Eclipse with final Uranus - Jupiter Conjunction (January 4, 2011)

by AJ McGettigan, Shamanic Astronomer


Chart for Solar Eclipse (Jan 4, 2011 at 1:03 am PST)

First New Moon of 2011 is a Solar Eclipse

On January 4, 2011 the first Moon-Sun conjunction of the new year happens at 1:03 am Pacific Standard Time. The alignment of Moon and Earth orbit are still close enough -- after the near exact alignment at the Solstice (Dec 21) -- that a partial Solar Eclipse occurs. The eclipse is viewable from northern Africa, portions of Europe, to central Asia.

Synchronistically, at the exact time of the new moon alignment (mid-point of the eclipse event), Jupiter is less than one minute (or one sixtieth of a degree) from exact alignment with Uranus. Interestingly, at that same moment Venus is less than one minute from an exact square alignment with Neptune (see chart above).


Chart for exact Uranus - Jupiter Conjunction with Venus Trining (Jan 4, 2011 at 4:53 am PST)

Less than four hours after the eclipse, Jupiter makes his last exact alignment with Uranus in this cycle -- something that won't happen again until 2024. Amazingly, at the moment of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, Venus forms a trine with Uranus-Jupiter that is also within one minute of exact.

The stress indicated by the Venus square with Neptune resonates with an underlying dysfunction that currently drives the dynamics of destructive behavior in our world. The rapid shift of Venus -- moving from exact square with Neptune to an exact trine with the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction -- points to a profound potential for discovery and wholeness. It indicates that the insight and resources required to acknowledge and resolve the underlying dysfunction are presently available. This is a sign to all who see their circumstances with clarity. A sign that we are presently entering a new experience.

The precision of these alignments resonates with the exact balance present in the nature of celestial mechanics. These alignments connect with and flow out of the celestial events of 2010, which clearly indicate a profound transition toward new and larger dimensions in human experience. All three of these alignments are just one minute, or one sixtieth of a degree, before exact. This indicates that we stand at the entry to a great moment. We stand in a doorway, in a place of new birth. This pattern of alignments indicate that these potentials will be strongly in evidence throughout 2011.


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