Radiant Heart of the Lion
( Jupiter, Venus, and Sun conjunct Regulus)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

On August 22-23, 2003 a rare and important astronomical event will occur. Hidden to our observation by the light of the Sun, six bodies in our solar system will closely align with the star we know as Regulus, or Cor Leonis, the Heart of the Lion.

Regulus is the brightest star in the Leo constellation. Regulus is positioned at the center of Leo's chest--that's how Regulus came also to be named Cor Leonis, which literally means "heart of the lion."

Many ancient cultures considered Leo and Regulus to be very potent symbols. The Sphinx in Egypt is considered by some to be a representation of Leo. The ancient Persians considered Regulus to be one of their royal stars--associated with great mythical power.

This alignment is a very rare astronomical event. Jupiter passes by Regulus only once every 12 years. To have so many planets (Venus, Sun, Earth, Mars, and Uranus) also aligned with this conjunction is something that won't be repeated for centuries.

Symbolically, this event is also very interesting. Leo and Regulus represent expression, strength, honesty, authority, generosity, and benevolence. Jupiter represents abundance, expansion, and greatness. Venus represents truth, beauty, and love. The Sun represents presence, vitality, and radiance.

On the other side of the alignment are Uranus and Mars. Mars represents action, initiative, and courage. Uranus represents transcendence, innovation, and the interdependence of the individual with his or her community.

This event provides a signal and a trigger for the ignition of our own courage and radiance. It provides us with a marvelous and fortuitous opportunity to celebrate the potential brilliance, kindness, aliveness, and interconnectedness in which we all participate. This is an initiation of a cosmic scale, revealing the dynamics of ecstasy. This is a day to rediscover our true strength--the day God's Lion awakes with a roar.


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