Saturn in the Womb of Heaven
Saturn conjunct Ceres (9/11/2003)

by Anthony J. McGettigan

On June 2, 2003 Saturn will enter Cancer. Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun. The last time that Saturn entered Cancer was in 1974. Astrologically speaking, when Saturn is in Cancer it is said to be in its detriment, or weakened. Cancer is the sign opposite to Capricorn, which is the sign of Saturn's rulership.

There are a wide range of situations that are resonant with the Saturn-Cancer combination. One possible theme is that the weight of Saturn's structure and authority may cause the repression of emotion and sensation. There's a potential for difficulties in the home, with one's family, and particularly with mother figures. However, another possibility is that structures of authority may weaken or fail, old patterns of behavior or thinking may begin to soften and change, and old barriers and limitations may be transcended.

Shortly after starting its 2.5 year voyage through Cancer, Saturn will physically align with Betelgeuse and Rigel (the two brightest stars in Orion) as it simultaneously passes into the center of the Gemini constellation. This alignment will happen in early September (2003). Even more remarkably, on September 11, 2003 the asteroid known as Ceres (The Mother) will conjunct Saturn as it reaches the very center of the Gemini constellation. Coincidentally, this Saturn-Ceres conjunction will happen at nearly the exact same location as Jupiter's position on the morning of 9/11/2001.

I was struck by the significance of this event recently one evening while I was watching Saturn in the night sky. On this particular evening, noting the line between Saturn and Jupiter (the ecliptic), I noticed the path that Saturn will soon move across the Gemini constellation. As I observed Saturn's path, I noticed something that I'd never seen before--I had the strange perception that Gemini resembles the shape of a womb. Realizing that Saturn will soon cross Gemini, the thought occurred to me that Saturn was reentering the cosmic womb. Shortly thereafter with the help of my astronomy software, I found the conjunction with asteroid Ceres (The Mother), and suddenly the picture came into focus.

This symbols involved in this event suggest loudly that something is reshaping itself with respect to our karma. Our path and direction is currently being opened for examination and reformulation. Taken together, these symbols indicate we are currently in pivotal period in which we are creating an embryonic structure that will eventually develop into the shape of our future experience.

This event also has a very high resonance with the tragedy of 9/11/2001. Saturn will be nearly the exact position that Jupiter held on the morning of 9/11/2001. This position is one that forms a very potent pentagon with some of the brightest stars in the sky.

With its strong resonance to 9/11/2001--and with the very strong Mother vibe (Cancer and Ceres)--this event signals an opportunity to heal traumas and work with others to regenerate the vitality of healthy relationships. The effect of Ceres has been described as something like the combination of the Moon and Pluto--sensitive, nurturing, and highly regenerative.

September 11, 2003 will be a potent day for prayers and contemplation--a marvelous opportunity for applying our attention toward healing and wholeness. This event reveals the importance of being conscious of our current direction and momentum. It invites us to be aware of where we are heading and what we are cultivating. Saturn and Ceres in Cancer asks us to carefully consider everything we are currently nurturing in our life and experience.


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